While savings is an undeniable component of a good contract, value and savings differentiates a good contract from a great one.  A great contract delivers to need while improving profit margins, performance, and revenues.  Plus Veterans makes a good contract great.  Our strategic sourcing initiatives bridge procurement and sales via your core service requirements. With us, your procurement dollar contributes to your bottom line and fuels opportunities to meet your company’s full potential.


By statutory law, no less than 23% of all federal dollars must be contracted to Small Businesses (SB).  National commitment is translated via, and established within, your government contract(s) as small business subcontract requirements.  These mandated SBC requirements are assessed to via routine compliance inspections and enforced at contract award.  For example:



The U.S. Government enforces your small business subcontract terms via compliance inspections and consequently, contract award.  Grades earned at each inspection influence existing contracts as well as your competitive standing for future contracts.  Non-compliance is loss of existing contracts, loss of market position for future contracts, re-inspection, and increased scrutiny and inspection frequency. Compliance is monetary incentives and out-year extension of existing contracts as well as market position and opportunity for future contracts.


Now consider a core overhead service requirement (e.g., transportation).  Pending your industry, this traditional "Big" business expense is 5 to 15 percent of your total spend and cannot be attributed to a small business. This type of procurement does absolutely nothing to support your business development efforts.  But, what if it could? 


Our radical rethinking of the procurement dollar achieves vital objectives for any enterprise seeking strategy-driven results. Beyond compliance, we provide opportunities to conserve precious resources. With us, your procurement dollar contributes to the bottom line as well as generates revenue. The resources saved, and socioeconomic gains achieved, are positive investments into your business growth and organizational fabric. Outpace competitors with our deliberately designed solutions.        

"Plus Veterans makes a good contract great."


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