We understand the longstanding sourcing challenge imposed by pressure to reduce overhead without loss to critical delivery time requirements.  When air freight doesn’t fit the budget and ocean freight doesn’t fit timing, then our fully integrated multimodal freight services may offer just the balance you need.  We offer shorter transit times than ocean at considerable cost savings over air.  A portfolio of multimodal freight services enables you to select a combination of cost and speed to meet both cost-reduction objectives and transit time expectations for your international and intercontinental shipments.  We accelerate shipments from port to door using a truck network that includes U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Rail networks in China and Europe provide a positive alternative to air and ocean freight services.


Our Carrier selection criterion is comprehensive and highly competitive.  We select only those Carriers that meet demand with consistently reliable performance.  We reliably deliver on time with otherwise inaccessible cost savings and socioeconomic gains.


Until now, the transportation industry lacked capabilities to efficiently employ tailored commercial and government discounts and benefits. Until now, opportunity failed to exist to dynamically align transportation spend to small business contracts for a traditional Fortune 500 spend.  Shipping with Plus Veterans increases your savings and operational performance while improving your position for lucrative government contracts and monetary incentives.  The resources saved, and socioeconomic gains achieved, are a positive reinvestment into your organizational fabric.


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