When services are optimized, you reap economic benefits with positive multipliers. 

When services are aligned to Plus Veterans, you reap economic and socioeconomic benefits with exponential multipliers.


Founded by Captain John Banigan, USN (ret), the inspiration for Plus Veterans came from his experience as a government vendor.  He challenged norms and recognized a capability gap that spanned all industries.


Despite the good intentions of the U.S. Government and national Carriers, government-authorized shipping discounts proved inaccessible to Government Vendors.  Moreover, small business requirements of government contracts proved unachievable.  Vendors require access to government discounts as well as means to transform a traditional Fortune 500 “big business” spend to small business compliance.  This is where Plus Veterans stepped in.


The agility and ingenuity of Plus Veterans proved a perfect match to national Carriers.  John's vision of “Revenue-Generating Procurement” aligns and energizes customer’s procurement and business development programs via otherwise inaccessible discounts and small business compliance.  Increases in customer’s savings and compliance opens key sales channels and generates profit margin and revenue.  Customer’s increases are greater demand and thus, a Plus Veterans and national Carrier success.  


Companies with government contract(s) are now able to accrue significant savings via government programs as well as attribute transportation spend to small business compliance.  The economic and social benefits of our contracts apply to all parties involved and as such, yield enduring working relationships. 


From profit margins to revenue generation via shipping performance, Plus Veterans is your exponential multiplier.  


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