When services are optimized, you reap economic benefits with positive multipliers. 

When services are aligned to Plus Veterans, you reap economic and socioeconomic benefits with exponential multipliers.


Founded by Captain John Banigan, U.S. Navy (retired), the inspiration for Plus Veterans came from his experience as a government vendor, business owner, and military Veteran. Having witnessed the unfortunate plight of far too many Veterans and their companies, his sights were set.  


The Captain recognized service providers traditionally view their customers along Commercial or Government lines.  He saw a third lens – a hybrid lens – that more accurately defines the position of hundreds of thousands of commercial companies with government contracts. To view these companies through either traditional lens is misunderstanding and missed opportunity. Hybrid companies reap the fiscal benefits of government contracts but are encumbered by lofty government (small business) contract terms. 


Enforcement of contract terms is a byproduct of government compliance inspections. Grades earned at inspection influences funding of existing contracts and competitive standing of future contracts. Perceptive companies structure small business opportunities for core overhead requirements. Grades earned at each inspection influence existing contracts as well as competitive standing for future contracts. Non-compliance is contract loss, loss of market position, and missed opportunity.


With this understanding, the Captain challenged industry norms and found significant capability gaps. Needed was a value-added small business to deliver core service requirements (i.e., communications, transportation, etc.) at significant cost savings. He rethought operating models and envisioned “Revenue-Generating Procurement” Customers responded with resounding force. His offerings energized procurement programs with economic and socioeconomic gains. Plus Veterans quickly became the exponential multiplier the government vendor needed.   


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