Outpace your competitors with our powerful logistics solutions.


Freight Audit, Analysis, & Pay “+” Veterans


Entrusted by the world’s largest companies for:

•  Freight Audit.  Accrue meaningful savings.  Hold Carriers accountable to billing accuracy and contracted performance.  3 levels of audit: Customer ordered to Carrier contracted, billed, and performed.  

•  Advanced Analytics.  Actionable business intelligence to optimize supply chains with full understanding of logistics to the SKU.  Increase visibility into global operations and free up resources.

•  Quick Pay. Automate issue identification, contest charges, and resolve claims in real-time via our Carrier collaboration portal, well prior to late pay.  Full traceability with a historical record of each transaction. 

•  Compliance to lofty government contract requirements.  Stem government scrutiny and improve market position for lucrative contracts. 


“Best-in-Breed” capabilities our competitors wish they had.



Plus Veterans powered by Intelligent Audit 


Audit & Recovery.  All modes and worldwide.  Audit over 150 points that define each shipment. Reveal cost savings opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Identify and resolve billing inaccuracies. Automate dispute submission and resolution tasks to maximize refunds.


Business Analytics.  Confidently identify and resolve inefficiencies. Powerful automation as an extension of your logistics team helps drive proactive business strategies. Visualize and analyze complex data with customizable reports. Bring data into common alignment across your organization. 


Finance & Accounting Tools.  Effectively manage complex ledger coding and cost center entries. Automate multi-currency freight payment and remittance. Accurately categorize costs by business unit across your entire organization. Model and forecast accruals and landed costs.



Carriers held accountable to performance and cost at the package level

Carrier Selection.  Assess accounts for performance; worldwide reach; transit lanes; hubs; breadth and depth of capabilities; pricing and cost structure; accessorial charges; duties; and so much more.


Carrier Negotiations.  Consider yourself properly informed to negotiate better Carrier contracts. Increase profit margins and customer satisfaction. 


Freight Pay.  Pay Carriers what they earn, without excess, on time, and in line with current contract terms. Accurately manage payment to Carriers across the globe. Overcome currency, culture, and language barriers. Streamline payment, simplify operations, and improve your bottom line. 



Logistics excellence "+" Veterans.

Strategic Partner. Transform a core business expense, a traditional Fortune 50 spend, into government contract compliance via your small business plans. Our tailored solutions are strategically designed to advance new business and increase revenues, all while improving profit margins.


Subcontract Compliance.  Small business subcontract compliance is out year extension, monetary incentives, and market position. Alternatively, non-compliance is contract loss, missed opportunity, loss of market position, re-inspection, increased inspection frequency, and government scrutiny.


Military Veterans Disrupt the market space and outpace your competitors by reducing overhead, improving contract performance, and working with military Veterans. A properly leveraged procurement dollar bridges sourcing and sales with economic and socioeconomic gains.


Plus Veterans is not just a fully accredited Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business but a  REVENUE GENERATOR. 

Agility and ingenuity of a small company; Impact of a LARGE corporation.


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