Opioid Crisis: National Mass Tort Litigation


Prescriptions for opiates have dramatically increased over the past 2 decades and case of overdoes and opiate toxicity are continually reported across the United States. Healthcare systems, municipalities, and self-insured corporations and unions shouldered the financial burden for the national opioid crisis. That is, until now. The federal court granted a rare but fleeting opportunity to recoup on those loses.  


A Federal Judge consolidated all municipality opioid lawsuits across the nation as a single mass tort case; set the defendant class to opioid manufacturers and supply chain distributors; established an epidemic period spanning 12 years; and approved a “class” settlement of $100 billion. The Judge extended the Multi-District Litigation (MDL 2804, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio) to public and private healthcare systems and self-insured entities. In so doing, he mitigated risk and granted access to the settlement fund, given a first come, first served distribution. The deadline for municipalities to submit a claim has since expired (November 20, 2019). A deadline for those in the extended case is soon expected. Plaintiffs are already collecting from this finite settlement fund and a delayed response, a lesser strategy, or the alignment of non-specialized attorneys is missed opportunity. Those with a fiduciary responsibility have a small window to complete their due diligence, retain outside counsel, create a strategy, and submit to this case.


No matter the state, municipality or institution of inception, this case is processed by only a few firms. These court-recognized firms truly understand this highly nuanced litigation and maintain the court relationships. This is where we come in. Plus Veterans, working in concert with our nation’s leading opioid contingency attorneys, inform discovery and maximizes your returns on your aggregated exposure. Exposure that goes well beyond non-payment by the self-insured. We conduct a comprehensive calculation of your full exposure and arm our nation's best attorneys with supporting documentation and expert witness to maximize your reimbursement and enable a “fast-track” resolution.


Businesses should account for not just the medical procedure but for capital investments (i.e., expanded floor space in emergency rooms, inpatient care, rehabilitation spaces, laboratories, etc.), staff supplements (i.e., doctors, nurses, technicians, background support, etc.), increased material resources (i.e., emergency vehicles, specialty equipment, stock, etc.), and so much more.



If you do nothing, you may only recoup a small fraction of your actual costs.





The United States is facing one of the most devastating health crises in history. Since 1999, opioid addiction has become the leading cause of death to people under the age of 50 — due to a 300% increase in opioid prescriptions.  To date, more than 600 state, county, and city governments have filed opioid-related lawsuits.  The situation is dire.  The White House has declared opioid abuse to be a national health crisis.  Lawsuits continue to be filed against opioid manufacturers, distributors, medical institutions, and individuals who allegedly over-prescribe opiates (e.g., Oxycodone, Fentanyl, etc.).


According the American Journal of Public Health, an estimated 510,000 Americans could die from opioids and related injuries — including needle-transferred diseases and rampant addictions.  The problem is more pervasive than ever.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 2017 is credited for the highest number of drug-overdose related deaths.



Financial burdens extend well beyond emergency response treatments. Opioid-related expenses are not just in overdose care but are often hidden in other related ailments as well as recurrence of addicts presenting for treatment. According to court documents, the average cost of treating complicated patients is $107,000 per person. This estimate covers healthcare costs, not the accrued cost of the addiction. 

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